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File Transfer Frequently Asked Questions


FTP is the only way users have to transfer files to their Web site. This is accomplished by a stand-alone FTP program such as CuteFTP, or an FTP feature of a Web design program such as Microsoft FrontPage.

Q.I receive a "Directory Listing Denied" or "Forbidden" error when attempting to view my web page in a browser. What should I do?
A. In order to view your website with your domain name or IP address, your home page needs to have one of the following filenames:


If you need a different home page name (called a "default document"), we can accommodate you. Please let us know what name you require. In most cases it is easier to rename your home page to one of the documents above. Please note that some file names (such as .asp and .shtml) are reserved for specific types of web applications. If you are unsure of which file extension to use, you can probably safely use .htm or .html .

Also, these documents carry an "order of precedence" as they are listed above. For example, if you have both an index.html file and a default.html file, the index.html file will be the one that shows up when viewing your site with the domain name or IP address.

Q. What do I use for my FTP password?
Your FTP password is the password that was supplied to you at the time you signed up with Avahost

Q. Are there any problems using the Publish feature?

Just like the newspaper, publish only sends (or puts) documents to the server. With the exception of FrontPage (on a FrontPage enabled site), these programs do not provide any of the other features of an FTP program. Publishing this will update existing files. If you need to RENAME or DELETE files from the server, you will need an FTP program.

Q. Where can I get detailed instructions on using WS_FTP and CuteFTP?

Q. After uploading, I cannot view the uploaded files in my browser. What could be the problem?
A. This could describe two (2) different situations.

1.If the you cannot see the home page, check if the home page file name is index.htm or index.html or the page names listed below. If the home page is named differently, change the file name. It is also possible that there are two indexes on your site, one index.htm which the you created and uploaded and the other, index.html which put up for the temporary page. If two index files exist, then the one named index.html will take precedence. The index.html file should be removed (requires an FTP program) or rename your home page file to index.html and upload again.
Default home page names and extensions:
index.html (standard HTML extension)
index.htm (standard HTML extension)
index.shtml or shtm (standard SSI extension, used with server side includes)
index.asp (standard "active server page extension)
default.html (standard HTML extension)
default.htm (standard HTML extension)
default.shtml or shtm (standard SSI extension, used with server side includes)
default.asp (standard "active server page extension)

2. If you do not see the updates made to your pages after transferring the updated versions, it is most likely the browser is reading the cache. For Netscape Navigator, clear both memory (Windows only) and disk cache then click the Reload button on the toolbar. For Microsoft's Internet Explorer, simply click the Refresh button on the toolbar.

Q. Why don't I get a directory listing on my FTP program after I get connected?
A. You probably don't have your host type set to either Automatic detect or UNIX (standard).

Q. After the files are uploaded, I do not see a directory listing in the FTP program. What could be the problem?
When this happens, the "LIST" command performed by the FTP software to get a listing of the files was not successful. Therefore the directory listing of the files did not transfer. Wait 5 to 10 minutes and then connect again using his FTP program.

Common Error Messages and Explanations

Error: "Login incorrect..." when starting session.
Most likely, you are using the wrong username, wrong password, or a combination of both. In most cases, usernames and passwords are all lowercase.

Error: "Blocking call cancelled...' received when uploading files.
Most likely, you are using WS_FTP to upload your site.  The information below shows how to correct this problem in WS_FTP specifically, although the information may be useful for other FTP clients as well.

The "Blocking call canceled" error can be helped in the WS_FTP Pro classic interface by checking (or un-checking) the Use Passive Transfer Mode checkbox on the Session tab of the Options dialog box, and clicking the Set As Default button. You can also use the Advanced Tab of Session Properties to do the following: Select Passive Transfers and increase the Network Timeout setting to 120. Note that you must save your changes by clicking the Apply button!

Starting with version 6.50 Use Passive Transfer Mode is turned on by default.

In the WS_FTP Pro Explorer interface, the "Blocking call canceled" error can be helped by selecting the Advanced tab of the Site Properties, selecting Passive Transfers, and increasing the Network Timeout setting to 120.

If you still receive this error after making the above changes, try the Windows command line FTP and see if you can connect and how long it takes. Once you know how long it takes to connect, enter this time into the Network Timeout setting on the Advanced tab of either Session Properties (classic interface) or Site Properties (Explorer interface).

Error: "Connection refused..." when attempting to upload.
Explanation: Most likely, you are using the wrong username, wrong password, or a combination of both. In most cases, usernames and passwords are all lowercase.

Error: "Permission denied+" when uploading.
Explanation: Make sure that the FTP settings are correct. Most likely, you are using the wrong FTP host. It is also possible that you are using an invalid character in the filename. This can be checked by using viewing the Source Document and examining the links. If you find "%20" there is a space in the original filename. so that we can find the cause of the problem.

Error: "Cannot set guest privileges..." when starting
Most likely, you have the wrong FTP settings. Make sure your FTP program is not set on Anonymous Login.

Error: "24 bare linefeeds received, the file may not have transferred properly..." after uploading.
This is most likely caused by an HTML editor that places a lot of carriage returns at the end of the file. You can ignore this error message for the most part unless the file uploaded is not viewable (very unlikely).

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